The Love EP

by Ollie

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nice, simple, chill, hip hop beats. I can't really decide between The Goddess or Easy On Yourself. Favorite track: The Goddess (Bonus Track).
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First off, I wanna thank you for even taking the time to read this. Even if you don’t read this all the way through, I greatly appreciate. This might be a bit all over the place but bare with me.

In this life, we look for a thing called love. Love from our parents, from brothers and sisters. From friends to teachers to bosses to pets to whatever or whoever else you can think of. But the type of love we look for the most is from the opposite sex.

We look for someone to decide to be with the rest of our lives and to start a family with and to grow old and pretty much die with. It doesn’t always work out for everyone. The fairy tale doesn’t exist for all. All we can hope for as human being is that their is someone out there for all of us.

For me, to be honest, I haven’t been in a lot of serious relationships. I’ve like many girls and have fantasized about being with more girls then I’ll ever know, on all aspects. as a partner romantically and sexually. But I would say that I’ve only been in two relationships that I would say I took seriously or felt love. I even believed that I was in love with a girl I’ve never met before who lived in Arizona and was absolutely determined to meet and be with. Obviously that isn’t gonna happen, but it shows my only experience with love which isn’t much if you break it down.

I’m thankful in some way though because I’ve never have been cheated on in the two relationships I was in (at least not that I know of). But most people I know have, maybe even yourself.

Music is my passion, it’s the strongest love that I have at this point in my life. These past few years, love has been something on mind that I can quite figure out and probably never will. But the closest way I can is through the music I create and with that, I’m announcing the release of my second beat tape “The Love EP” which I will be releasing on Valentine’s Day.

It’s what I like to call a “conceptual beat tape” meaning the even tho no one is rapping or singing the beats and the samples i found to create these batch of beats tell a story about a man who has been looking for love in the wrong places. This man finally meets a women who he falls head over heels for and they end up dating. And everything is going good in life because he believes he’s met the love of his life.

But as time goes on, this woman starts to change. The relationship doesn’t feel the same. The man doesn’t feel the same. Eventually he finds out she has cheated on him for some time and he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know how to feel. If he should forgive her, or break up with her. He even contemplates suicide.

Over time tho, he eventually grows as a human being after the experience he has with this women and decides it’s best for him to just end things. Even tho his heart is broken, it’s not dead.

Again, I can not relate to this since I’ve never been through it, but I can relate from a male perspective of how it must feel. But this EP is for everyone who has had issues in a relationship. We all have, and all will no matter if you gay, or straight, or whatever. We all do.

Thank you again for being a fan of my music, for supporting my passion and my love and for taking the time to read this. And I hope you have an excellent Valentines Day



released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Ollie Daytona Beach, Florida

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